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Date A Live Keycaps

Unveil the allure of “Date A Live” with our exquisite keycap collection, featuring the majestic Yatogami Tohka in a rich purple theme. These keycaps bring to life the anime’s enthralling blend of romance and adventure, offering fans a tangible piece of their cherished series for their keyboards.

Every keycap in this set marries artistic beauty with functional design, catering to anime lovers who seek to infuse their typing experience with the spirit of “Date A Live.” It’s a perfect fusion of fandom and everyday utility, enhancing both aesthetics and typing comfort.

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  • Kurumi Tokisaki Date A Live Keycaps Set Anime Black Orange

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  • Date A Live Keycaps Set Kurumi Tokisaki Anime Orange Black

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  • Date A Live Keycaps Set Anime Yatogami Tohka Purple

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