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For a fan of the Girls’ Frontline game and Anime the T Dolls Girls’ Frontline Keycaps Set are perfect to customize your mechanical keyboard. The anime keycaps features a saga of T doll girls portraits flashing in the dark contrast of black and white colors. The highly detailed figures are complemented with thematic icons that blossom the conceptualization behind them.

The gaming keycaps are made from PBT material and have the iconic Cherry profile, which will surely give your board a new look. All keycaps are made using the dye sublimation five-sided technique, so they are stylish and sturdy enough to withstand long-term use. This is a great gift idea for keyboard lovers, DIY lovers, and game players.

So why are you waiting? Add some sexy touch to your mechanical keyboard with the T Doll Girls’ Frontline Keycaps Set!

✱ Keycap Material: Dye-Sublimated PBT
✱ Keycap Profile: Cherry
✱ Number of Keycaps: 104 pieces
✱ Language: English

Please note, these are just 104 Keycaps and NOT a keyboard.

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Cute T Dolls Girls’ Frontline Keycaps Set Anime Girls

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