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Cool Elegance of Iceberg Aesthetics

Introduce a breath of icy freshness to your keyboard with our GMK Clone Iceberg Keycaps Set. The striking blend of blue and white hues evokes the majestic calm of glacier ice, providing a visually soothing experience as you type. Designed for lovers of minimalist and clean designs, this set transforms your setup into a wintry escape.

Robust and Refined

These keycaps are crafted from durable PBT material, ensuring they withstand the demands of frequent use without losing their visual appeal. The high-quality PBT ensures that colors stay vibrant and resist the shine that can come from oils and sweat on your fingers.

Fit for Any Keyboard

With a Cherry profile and including 160 keys with an ISO enter, this blue white keycaps set is universally compatible with most mechanical keyboards. It’s an ideal upgrade for anyone seeking to enhance their keyboard’s durability and aesthetic with a touch of the arctic.

Keycap Specifications

  • Keycap Material: High-quality Blue White PBT
  • Keycap Profile: Cherry
  • Keycap Theme: Iceberg
  • Number of Keycaps: 160 pieces
  • Language: English

Upgrade your keyboard with the Iceberg Keycaps Set and experience the serene beauty and exceptional performance. Please note, these are just keycaps and NOT a complete keyboard.

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GMK Clone Iceberg Keycaps Set Blue White PBT

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