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Illuminate Your Keyboard with Blue Archive

Dive into the vibrant world of Blue Archive with the Backlit Blue Archive Keycaps Set Iochi Mari . This Backlit Orange set features designs inspired by the popular game, perfect for fans who want to bring their favorite characters to their keyboard. Each keycap is a tribute to Iochi Mari.

High-Quality and Radiant

Made from premium PBT material, these video game keycaps are built for durability. The backlit legends ensure that the intricate designs remain vibrant and visible, even in low-light conditions. This set combines high-quality craftsmanship with stunning visuals.

Comfort and Gaming Brilliance

The ergonomic design provides a comfortable typing experience, making these Iochi Mari keycaps ideal for both work and play. The vibrant orange color and backlit features bring a touch of excitement and energy to your keyboard, enhancing your gaming setup.

Universal Compatibility

With 108 keycaps included, this set is designed to fit most mechanical keyboards. The easy installation process ensures you can quickly upgrade your keyboard and start enjoying the immersive aesthetics of Blue Archive.

Keycap Specifications

  • Keycap Material: PBT
  • Keycap Profile: Cherry
  • Keycap Colors: Orange
  • Keycap Theme: Blue Archive, Iochi Mari
  • Number of Keycaps: 108
  • Language: English

Please note, these are just keycaps and NOT a complete keyboard. Illuminate your setup with the Backlit Blue Archive Keycaps Set. Order now and bring your favorite characters to life!

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Backlit Blue Archive Keycaps Set Iochi Mari Orange

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